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Monday, September 2, 2013

35 days-anger

I'm a pretty difficult person, but sometimes I think that my expectations are not unrealistic.

Bottom line, I'm quite angry with the local emergency room right now.

Today at work (yes, work on labor day) I took a wrong step and heard a crunch in my knee. I was in immediate pain and was hobbling around for the rest of the day (still am) and finally decided that I was headed to the ER because obviously, there were no clinics open.

I get there and get an x-ray. Then I'm taken into a room. (this is all over about two hours) In that room they tell me nothing is broken.  I said, "no shit, I didn't come in here for a broken leg" I was then told there was some serious swelling and it appeared there was some damage to something in the knee.  Again, I said "no shit, so when are we doing the MRI?" The response?

"We don't do MRI's, we leave that to specialists, so here are some crutches, a brace and some pain pills. "

To me, that is pretty irresponsible.  Why are you treating something you're unsure of what it is and wait a second, did you just say you don't do MRI's.? a hospital?.....Ok....thanks.

Maybe I was irresponsible, but I left the crutches, the brace and the prescription sitting right there and walked out with no paperwork, no signing out, nothing.  Bottom line, they had done nothing for me.

I now have to attempt to go to my second job, which is going to be painful, because the local emergency room can't give me any actual treatment so I have to wait until tomorrow (hopefully) to get something done.

So am I angry?  You bet. Am I unsure about my future workouts?  Currently, yes. Do I think this venting is going to do anything to help?  Probably not, but we will see what tomorrow holds. As of right now, I'm still steaming mad.

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