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Sunday, September 15, 2013

48 days and counting

Today went just as expected.  Really enjoyed the time with Jodi and Sydney.  I don't get a lot of time at home these days and I just really wanted to enjoy it, so I did. Nutritionally I was right back where I was supposed to be.

I'm really starting to doubt that this blog even gets read, so I'm curious why I'm putting so much effort into it every day. I started it hoping to inspire others, but there is so little activity on the teamddpyoga site that I'm really not sure who is reading it. 

I'll continue to do it, daily, but I put a whole lot of time and effort, as well as creativity, into something that I'm not sure anyone is reading or appreciates. I hope I'm wrong, but as I said, I'm really not seeing much of anything, from anyone. For a site that likes to be said that it is a huge support site, I'm really not seeing that.....maybe it's just me.

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