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Sunday, September 8, 2013

41 days

Today almost felt normal again. Yeah, my knee is still screwed, but I didn't think about it this morning.  I woke up, worked out, had breakfast and went on about my day. I didn't hesitate, I didn't wonder "should I do this?" like I have for the last couple days, I just went back to the routine I had built before.  Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

Tomorrow is judgement day when it comes to my knee. I'm making one phone call to explain everything. If they move forward with the MRI, then fine, if they don't, then I'm just gonna deal with it. Is that the right thing? Probably not. But I'm a stubborn, southern SOB, so if I don't hear what I want to, I'm not gonna sit and piss and moan about it anymore. I'll just go forward, regardless of the consequences.

I'm seeing a lot of people on teamddpyoga that are getting frustrated and quitting. A lot of them are doing it after 30, 45, 60 days are more.  That's quite confusing to me. How to you dedicate yourself to something for an extended period of time and then just give up for no legit reason? I'm not judging, it just stinks to see people that I know have worked hard just call it quits because of who knows what.....I have no real point here, just rambling.

 I also have seen someone recently say that they put the work in for 30 straight days and have seen zero results, either on the scale or in inches.  That's impossible if you're doing what you say. If you're following the program both from the workout standpoint and the nutritional are you getting no results?  Something doesn't add up somewhere. I hope they get themselves on track and figure out where the first thirty days went wrong.

Tomorrow is going to be a long, long, long day. Day job at 9 am....leave there at 9pm, come home long enough to kiss my girls goodnight (if they're still up) and then head to the second job from 11pm until 7am. Maybe I'm nuts, but I don't care, it's just another one of those goals of mine...and I sure don't like missing goals.

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