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Monday, September 9, 2013


Got a funny story for ya in my short amount of time I have to write this before going to job 2.

This morning I overslept, Jodi had to call me to wake me up so I could get Piper up for school (she ended up not going, because she was sick) so I had to rush off to work. I was cussing myself on the way, because I thought, with today/tonight and tomorrow's schedule, there would be no way I'd be able to get a workout in.

Cussing, cussing, cussing on the way to work, then I realized, "wait, I've got the MP3s downloaded in my phone!!!"  So I got to work, took my tie off and busted out a Red Hot Core right there on the floor at work in my suit slacks and dress shirt. It was pretty awesome!!!

I've got nothin' else tonight, gotta go make some money!!!!

Keep on bangin!!!

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