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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30 days

It's here. My first thirty days with DDPYoga.

I woke up, crawled out of bed and went to step on the scale for the official 30 day weigh in. I was excited, I was pumped, I was ready to see some results.

I stepped on the scale and ......nothing. The scale was dead. It's a digital scale, so I can assume maybe the battery was dead, I'm not sure, but that was just kind of funny considering how long I've looked forward to this.  Maybe it just cements what Jodi has told me all's NOT about the scale. So, I'll make sure I have a replacement before day 60, but I am just using yesterday's weight. (I know, I know, I'm not supposed to weigh every day....I'm sure glad I did in this case.

13.5 inches and 20.6 pounds lost in thirty days. I'm proud, but more than that, I'm motivated to continue to kick my own ass daily. I'm still a long way from where I want to be, but damn it, its working!

07/30/13 08/15/13
Weight 252.8 232.2 
Waist 39 37
Chest 46 43
Shoulders 52 51
Neck 17.5 16 ¾
Biceps 15 14
Wrist 7 7
Hips 45 43
Thighs 23.5 22
Knees 17 16
Calves 18 17


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