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Monday, August 12, 2013

14 days

14 days in. Another awesome workout followed by healthy eating.

What I'm trying to decide now is, do I weigh and measure tomorrow or do I wait til the 15th as originally planned. I've got a night of sleep to decide but I'm leaning towards waiting til the 15th and then doing it with pictures on day 30.

Any suggestions?

All of my clothes are getting looser by the day it seems. A pair of shorts I bought about a month ago will hardly stay up (38's at that!) And all my shirts, even the slim fit ones, are starting to feel baggy. Is this really possible after just 14 days? Apparently so.

I was talking yesterday about getting a couple new suits but Jodi (who swears she can already SEE a difference) kinda made me wonder if that would be a good idea seeing as I plan on continuing to lose and if I hit my goals, I will be a size, if not two full sizes smaller. She's so smart.....I think I'm gonna keep her.

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