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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 20-Accountability

I do this because I want to. Not because I feel like I have to look a certain way or I think Jodi wants me to look a certain way. I want to look the way I'm going to look when I keep this up. It's strictly about desire. About heart. About dedication and determination. It's getting my ass up when I'd rather lay in bed. It's about eating what is better for me, not what is convenient and looks good on TV (and we all know, it never looks in person like it does on TV.)

I'm not a slave to what I'm doing.  If I decided right now that I wanted a burger from McDonald's, I would get my happy ass in my car, drive to McDonald's and get a burger.  I don't want that.  So when I read, on a daily basis, these excuses from people about "it's gonna be hard....."  Yeah, I said that too. I was wrong.  It isn't hard, IF YOU WANT IT.  If you don't want it, then stop complaining about it and just live life however you want to live it.  If you actually want it, then not having that fast food, isn't a sacrifice. Not having those four sodas, isn't a sacrifice. You're not sacrificing if you're doing something that you want to do and something that is good for you. 

If you screw up.....your best course of action is to do something about it, whether it be an extra workout or better planning.  However, going on and on complaining about how you screwed up....what's that gonna do? You made a choice, make a better one next time, or fix it.

We are all here for a variety of reasons.  We let ourselves go, we have health issues, we want to be stronger, more flexible, more toned. The bottom line is, I made a choice. Life is a series of choices that we are accountable for, right or wrong.  This is the cold hard truth that people don't want to talk about. Willpower, or lack thereof, is bullshit. Deciding what you are going to do to achieve your goals and what you've set out to do and making the right choices is what it's all about.  Excuses, whining and passing the blame are as bad as the garbage we used to put in our bodies.

I've stepped up. I'm accountable.  Who's with me?

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