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Thursday, August 22, 2013

24 (no, not the show)

Temptation. In my (not so) expert opinion, that is what makes people fail when taking on new goals. In nutritional and fitness goals, it's even easier.  Eat this, you can make it up tomorrow. Skip today, you've worked hard up until then. I don't feel good, I just need a day off. I'll feel better tomorrow. In the last 24 days, each of these has popped in my mind.  None of them have been successful. Because even though I have a goal, a set, attainable goal, this isn't about dieting or trying to make a small change.  I'm making a long-term, life change. When you are making a change for good, there are no days off, there is no "well, I can make it up tomorrow."  You've made the decision, you stick with it.  If you don't, that's up to you.

For the first couple weeks, temptation was pretty tough.  I felt like it was a victory each time I declined something I wasn't supposed to be eating.  Notice the language, "wasn't supposed to be."  Three and a half weeks in, it's not a "supposed to" its an I DON'T WANT TO. For example, at work today they ordered burgers, fries and all the stuff I used to be happy to eat.  Our big boss was in town and it was all on him. Instead, I ordered a spinach salad with grilled chicken with a tiny amount of dressing.  I can assure you an hour later I felt better than they did when that brick hit their stomachs.  It wasn't that I didn't think I was supposed to, I just didn't want to.

However, tonight was the night that my mother met Jodi's parents (I'm from the east coast, she's from right here in good ol' Iowa) and Jodi once again had an amazing meal prepared. Spinach meat (turkey) balls, fresh green beans (that were just awesome) and spaghetti.  I went easy on the noodles, but heavy on the greens and the turkey balls!

I did my workout early this morning (and will continue to every day) but tonight/tomorrow is going to be one of those tough days.  I worked the day shift at my main job and then have to go back for a meeting from 9-1030 and then my overnight job from 11p-7a....I'll get a few hours off before I have to return to my main job at 12 and work until 9p.  Somewhere in there I will own a workout.

Of course, now I look down at the time and realize I have to leave for my meeting.....see ya tomorrow.

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