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Monday, August 19, 2013

Lucky 21

Today was 3 officially weeks in. So, how to I celebrate?? Drenching myself by doing Diamond Cutter, eating right and sleeping most of the day.

Today is my second overnight at my second job (you know...the one to pay for the wedding) and I essentially work from 11pm tonight until 6 pm tomorrow if you count having to leave my second job to go to my first job. Because of that, I had to alter my sleep schedule to make sure I could make it that long.

Today started off with me driving an hour west to see my 5 year old's first ever day of school.  With having a teenager and now her being in school, I officially feel old. After coming back though, I knocked out DC like a champ. It hurt, I was tired but I sure felt good.

In 9 days I'm really looking forward to seeing exactly how much progress I've made, in measurements, weight and pictures.  But until then, I'm gonna spend the next 9 days busting my ass for there to be as much progress shown as possible!

Until tomorrow....

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