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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 19-Dedication

Today was my son's 13th birthday.  For months, he's been wanting to go to this decent burger joint in town. When he started asking a few months ago, it was no big deal. Over the last three weeks, it started having me worry. This is a place where everything is fried, includes bacon and an obscene amount of cheese. Even the salads have just ridiculous crap on them. I had my half a cheat day eleven days ago, so today was not going to be another.  However, I wasn't going to take his birthday lunch away from him just because of the plan I'm on. I've said plenty of times, I don't want anyone else to have to "sacrifice" because of what I'm doing. 

Luckily when we got there they had some alternative options on the menu.  Instead of the greasy burger, you could substitute it with a veggie burger, a portabello mushroom or a chicken breast.  My first instinct was the shroom or the chicken, but I decided to go with the veggie burger. I figured, what the hell, I've had them before and they were good.  Well....this wasn't before.....and it sucked.  It tasted like unseasoned cardboard (not sure why you would season cardboard, but I think you get the idea.)  It was awful.  So I doused it in mustard and choked it done, all the while he had a big smile on his face enjoying his bacon monstrosity where the buns were actually grilled cheese sandwiches and washed it down with an enormous milkshake.

A week ago, I would have probably just gotten a regular burger and figured I'd be "good" the rest of the day.  Two weeks go, I'd have just said screw it, gotten the burger and partaken in one of the two baskets of fries on the table and probably gotten a shake as well.  Today, the thought of even taking a bite of his burger kinda made me a little sick and I never thought twice about it. 

I'm dedicated.  I'm seeing results. I don't want the crap anymore. (Not saying I won't enjoy an occasional piece of chocolate or some really good cheese.) I, I love how I feel.  And I'm strongly beginning to like how I look.  Why the hell would I want to risk any of that for something I don't need?  I didn't.  And I'm not going to.

That's dedication.

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