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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 10

So....yeah, day 10 came and went, nothing major....except the Iowa State Fair.......

So, call it what you want, call it a "cheat day," call it "falling of the wagon." Whatever you want to call it. It was a planned bad day. It was the reason for the two a days the last couple days. Call it preventative maintenance, call it whatever you want, it happened. Once. One day out of 364.

My amazing, supportive, beautiful, loving bride-to-be has an addiction ya see. It's called the food at the Iowa State Fair. If she had a choice between me and the fair, I'm fairly certain she would choose the fair. (Hopefully I'm wrong, I'm only half sure.)

We missed last year because it was right before she had surgery on her hip. We had plans to go with all of our friends and we couldn't because she simply wasn't going to be able to walk that much without being in major pain.  One year and one surgically repaired hip later, we were going.  Bad timing, I know. Not going to make excuses. I voluntarily went. I voluntarily ate ALOT of stuff that wasn't good for me. I also knew for a week that I was going to.  It doesn't take away what I've done for all the days prior including this morning leading up into this evening. I don't apologize, I don't make excuses. I made the love of my life happy and while I'm typing this, a happy, sleepy girl is next to me. That's bringing a smile to my face.  However, I will work harder tomorrow then I did the previous ten days. I will work harder each day than I did the day before. This wasn't a "whoops, I couldn't control myself, I've got to start over," it was a choice I made and a choice I'd make again to not ruin her experience at something that's important to her.

Tomorrow was supposed to be one of the "special occasions" where I drank alcohol. That's out the window. I'll have water, thank you. Tomorrow morning while many of you are sleeping, I'll be doing Diamond Cutter (and will tweet Dally, hopefully prior to his tweet of the day asking if "you've done your ddp yoga."

So bottom line, I'm going to bed tonight with a full stomach, a clear mind, an even bigger drive and determination than I woke up with and a hell of a beautiful woman beside me.  Today was still a win.


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