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Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 down, 359 to go.

Of the five days, this one has been the toughest from a nutrition standpoint. It's after 10 pm and I'm still sitting here having cravings I haven't had in the last five days. Look, I know it's only five days so this may seem silly, but you've got to start somewhere and this has been the first day I've really struggled when it comes to food. I haven't given in, I won't give in, but it's there.

This morning I knew I was gonna have a long day. It didn't stop me. I woke up and I knocked out my workout. Had my breakfast and went to work. I felt sorry for Jodi, she was left home with all four kids, two of which are kinda sick.  She made it through it though and once again had an awesome dinner waiting, substituting cauliflower in place of pasta with chicken.  It was freakin amazing and for the second consecutive night, she has made vegetables take the place of something and made it, in my opinion, even better.

This week, I'm going to post of video of me doing one of the workouts, haven't decided which one yet, but I'm hoping that will get my over my fear of having people watch me do DDPYoga. My kids have been shooed out of the room when trying to get a peek at "daddy working out."  I'm not sure why I'm that way about it, but I am. Hope I can change that, maybe even have them join in.

359 days left to go...with her by my side, it's gonna be no problem!!


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