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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 8

8 days down. 10 workouts in. 2 today including "Diamond Cutter" for the first time. I THOUGHT I was getting the hang of this until tonight.

Anyone who happens to read this who isn't familiar with DDPYoga, this should tell you everything you need to know.  I did Insanity all the way through a couple of years ago.  I had more sweat coming off me tonight doing Diamond Cutter than I ever did on any Insanity workout (although they were tough, not gonna lie.) So if anyone thinks "oh, it's just yoga..." think again.

Today was my day off from work and I had the three P's all day.  I woke up this morning and sent Jodi a text saying "I'll just do my workout tonight after I drop the kids off." Easy enough, right?  WRONG.  Without guilting me whatsoever, she reminded me that I said yesterday I wanted to do two workouts today.  That was all she needed to say, I got up, nailed the first workout and went on about my day.  Yeah, she's that inspiring.

Tomorrow I'm gonna post a little more personal blog dealing with my other reasons for doing this, besides the obvious (if you don't know, read the title of the blog, to give her a husband she deserves) but there are other reasons to and as a published author and writer of roughly around 600 articles for publications ranging from national to hyper-local, I'm pretty sure I can put into words what goes through my head when I want to crawl into "safety zone" or just turn the damn DVD off, or pickup that candy bar or cheeseburger. Along with reason A (Jodi), these are the other reasons that I'm going to finally change all this, once and for all.

Until then...BANG.

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