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Friday, September 6, 2013

39-I've had enough.

So worker's comp won't cover my knee because they say insurance should cover it. Insurance won't cover it because they say worker's comp should. So guess who gets

Guess what, until one of them can figure it out, I'm just gonna work through the pain. I stopped before the last couple days because it hurt. Well, no one wants to fix me, I'm not going to let their incompetence make me get fat again because I can't workout.

I'm gonna be smart about it. There is a difference between uncomfortable pain and "I shouldnt be doing this" pain. I won't cross over into the latter.

Hell, DDPYOGA essentially helped a man walk/run again, what's a little knee tear?

So tomorrow morning, I'm back to every day. They don't want to help me, screw 'em, I'll help myself.

20.2 lbs in the first thirty days, I want that to be double by day 60. And by day 90, I want that scale (still haven't replaced ours by the way) to have a first number of 1. After 3 months, I no longer want to be a member of the 200lb club. Then, once I've made my weight, I want to sculpt. By day 120 I want to see abs. I want to see definition in my arms. I want to start looking the way I want to look.

You wanna talk about goals? BOOM, there's 3 for less than 3 months from now. None of that is going to happen if I let this knee (and incompetent assholes in insurance companies) get it my way.

Its my life, I'm gonna own the motherfu****!

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