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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 36- Frustration and Disappointment

For those of you who read yesterday's post, you'll understand why I'm still not very happy.

I attempted to work my second job last night but finally at around 3 am, the pain and swelling were too much to take and I had to leave.  I got in to a specialist this morning and this is where the real fun began. They looked at it, said I needed a MRI (is there an echo in here?) and then when I explained I did it at work, they said they can't do anything else until worker's comp gets involved. I explained to them that I really wasn't interested in worker's comp being involved, I had insurance and that would be fine.  Well, they said no because when insurance saw it was done at work, they wouldn't cover it either.  Fantastic.

So, I go an make the calls I need to make.  Currently, I'm on the 4th person I was told to call. None of whom have helped me, one of whom has said she was going to call me back in a couple of hours, which is now 4 and she's no longer answering her phone. 

Today is the 36th day of my journey and the streak has been broken.  I physically can't workout as far doing DDPYoga, so I would like to see if there is any way to modify or do something else that will continue to help me on my journey, without putting the pressure on my knee.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue to call and be given the never ending runaround. 

How was your Tuesday?

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