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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I couldn't have made it through today without her. She just always knows the right things to say or do to make it all alright. Guess that's why I'm marrying her, huh?

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day. I'm not going to turn this into a blog where I'm bitching about work left and right though, so I'll just leave it at that.

Early AM, knocked out "Below the belt." That makes 8 workouts in 7 days. Gonna try for two tomorrow to make it an even ten in eight days, but we will see how the day goes. The kids go back to their mother tomorrow, so that will make early morning workouts easier, but I'll sure miss them. Get em back in a few days though.

I can feel my body changing ever so slightly.  My pants today were looser, my vest (I usually wear 3-peice suits) had to be tightened just a little bit.  It's all starting to come together one week in. I can only imagine two week, three, a month and so on.  It's all for that one day.  For her. For me. For us.

Still killing it on the nutrition side.  Didn't get to stick with my routine I've developed over the last week (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) actually only ate three times today, but I made up for it with a big hunk of meat for dinner.  It may or may not have been the ideal dinner, but I know it wasn't bad for me and it sure tasted darn good. I got home really late and Jodi was exhausted from her day (even though her amazing self STILL offered to make something for me) I just decided to simplify it and make something I've been craving and something pretty darn amazing.

One week in I've forgotten that this is a challenge and now its all about changing my life.  It's working.  It's worth it.

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