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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Double duece-Victory

In this goal of changing my life (featuring Ddpyoga) today was the biggest Victory of all 22 days. Let me explain...

Last night/today was the day from hell. Actually, even those in help may have felt sorry for me. I went to work at my second job last night at 1030 pm. I was there until 7 am , then I came home, got my daughter ready for school by 8 and then .... You guessed it, busted my ass with a workout before I got myself ready for my main job at 9 am and was there until 6pm.

I was a zombie all day, but was still smiling because I was still dedicated enough that I still did a workout in the short amount of free time I had. My original plan was to do it after getting home but both Jodi and myself knew that I wasn't going to physically be able to do one after that long of a day.

Speaking of Jodi.....what a woman. She had dinner ready for me when I got home and then essentially put me to bed so I could sleep for a little while. I needed it.

You can't do this journey alone... And I've got the best partner you could ask for. Im thankful every day for her.

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  1. Love you baby. You are doing amazing on all levels!