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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lucky 13

13 days. 13 straight of not only doing DDPYoga, but 13 straight days of proper nutrition and eliminating the "bad stuff" (with the exception of the planned event on day 10.)

I feel, physically, better than I have since I was a teenager. Mentally, I'm still struggling sometimes. I haven't had a soda in two weeks now, but I'm trying not to force my lifestyle change onto anyone else, so I will still let the kids have an occasional soda and today, out of old habit, nearly poured myself a Coke.  To be honest, I'd have been better off mentally had I went to McDonald's and ordered two McDoubles.  Neither is going to happen, but apparently all that talk yesterday of "habits" came back to bite me today.  It almost got me.  I wonder how long it really will take before there is zero desire and zero thought given to the "junk" I used to consume.

I'm getting better about not wanting anyone to watch me do the workouts, this was the second morning in a row that I let my 5 year old watch me. She got a kick out of seeing me do "down dog" and even tried to do it herself.  I got a chuckle with sweat dripping down my face.

Jodi topped herself tonight with another amazing dinner.  Pork loin and my favorite vegetable of all time, BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!!! I just finished them off before sitting down to write this. Even in the past, I've always loved them and I'm certainly glad that is something I don't have to give up. I know, I know, I'm kinda nuts, most people hate them...I'm not most people.

This is going to be a tough week, I officially started my second job today (to pay for the wedding) but starting Thursday, I will be working two overnights a week on top of my normal job which is 45-50 hours a week. One day in particular, this Friday, is going to be a whole lot of planning on my part and I'm essentially going to have to "sneak" a workout in. I work from 11pm Thursday to 7am Friday morning, then have to get my daughter off to school and be at my main job by 10 and work until 6. THEN, I have to drive an hour to pick up my son for his birthday. So I will essentially have a window between 7 and 9 to get a workout in after working an 8 hour night.  Guess, what, I'll find a way, because it's gonna happen. There aren't going to be any days off. My next day off from the workouts will be 8/30/2014.  That's a long way away, but its gonna happen. It must, I'm taking the choice away from myself and will continue to follow through.  I've already put in too much effort to do anything otherwise.

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  1. Keep going! Thank you for your support to me and I would like to be a support to you.

    You can do this. If the want is there, its yours to take.